Production and installation of refractory and building materials


Products & Services

NOVOTERM PLUS d.o.o. may offer You the following:

I Services:
  • Planning and development of refractory insulating linings in thermal facilities.
  • Damage detection in thermal facilities including the defining of repair size.
  • Installing new and repairing of the existing refractory insulating linings for all kinds of thermal facilities (steam boilers, tunnel, chamber, rotation and lime kilns, drying chambers, chimneys…).
  • Drying of refractory insulating linings as well as preparing of thermal facilities for working conditions.
II Its own products:
  • Grinded refractory concretes, conventional and low cement,
  • Refractory bonding materials chamotte powders- type, mortars and refractory mastics,
  • Thermal insulating concretes,
  • Chamotte grinding materials for the building industry.
  • Cast concrete elements for kiln cars matching all types of tunnel kilns, developed by our own solutions.
  • Refractory concrete plates casting to meet customer’s special demands.
III Production program made by German company REFRATECHNIK Gmbh (“BURTON” is a trade name of Refratechnik)
  • As the official BURTON’s agent in the territories of Serbia, Montenegro and part of Croatia, we can offer You complete tunnel kiln car systems including following elements (U-cassettes, H-cassettes, all kinds of draught hole blocks, viaduct blocks, SIC-materials…). For more details regarding BURTON’s production program, please visit

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For all services and materials mentioned above, we give warranty usual in this kind of industry. On Your request, we are ready to immediately act both for damage detection and for any kind of interventions. Some reserves of refractory materials we always have in our stock. For all other information and advices regarding all kinds of refractory linings, please call: +381(0)34-701-669, +381(0)34-712-887, +381(0)34-725-421


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