Production and installation of refractory and building materials


About us

Novoterm Plus

Novoterm Plus

Our company began its existence in 2002, in Arandjelovac, small town less than 1 hour from Serbia’s capital Belgrade.
During first 10 years, from the small office with 6 employees, we became a respectable company in this area with more than 25 employees, mostly bricklayers specialists, but also technologists, accountant, and other profiled employees…

The founders of of Novoterm-plus, are :

  • Gordana Krstovic MSc. in mech. engineering, specialized in thermal conductivity processing, certified project executive engineer
  • Velimir Đorđevic Building tech.
  • Zoran Đurković B.A. in finances

Founders but other employees as well, have broad experience in refractory industry acquired through their work in Novoterm plus and former companies too.

Novoterm Plus doo Dr. Budimirovica 40 34300 Arandjelovac Dizajn Netmark